Welcome to My Beading World

I can no longer recall the first time I learned beading. All I remember is that every summer my mom would buy me a set of beads to tinker so I would not get in the way of her housework. The summer beading activity has become more than just an activity.


In high school I started wearing them to school and my friends would ask where I bought them, I started creating the jewelries as gifts for friends and somehow their circle of friends would want one too. That’s when I started my beading business.

Throughout the years I have developed a strong passion for it. And now that I am a mom and my daughter had shown such a good interest to beading I decided I will just create video tutorials for others who have found the same passion as mine.

On this site, we will talk about beading, accessories, and everything in between. I intend to share tutorials and the likes. I hope you stay tune and join me in this new journey.